Pre-event Workshops

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we are offering a very special LjBX exclusive pre-event workshop with lovely Anna & Ryan (UK)! The workshop is not part of the main exchange event (it's paid for separately), and will be held on Friday afternoon.

To assure the good quality of the classes, only 30 spots are available.

We will be filling in more details soon. Until then, see the basic schedule below.

About the classes

Blues dancing is a collection of dances originating from African American communities. In this workshop we will explore across the range of dances from Jukin’ to Ballroomin’, we will look at how to recognise different kinds of blues music and explore how to dance to these. The focus will be on great fundamentals but also personal expression.

Location: TBD

For these classes we would like it if you had some experience with blues or another partner dance, if you aren't sure whether they will be the right level for you please contact us at


Part 1: Blues Essentials

14:00 - 15:00 class 1
15:15 - 16:15 class 2

Part 2: Blues Musicality and Expression

17:00 - 18:00 class 3
18:15 - 19:15 class 4

About the teachers

LjBX Workshop teachers Ryan & Anna 1 LjBX Workshop teachers Ryan & Anna 2

Ryan O'Shaughnessy

Ryan started on his blues dance journey in 2013, having tap-danced from the age of 12, and travels extensively to learn, perform and compete – individually, and as part of the Down and Outs Blues Troupe, which he has been a member of since its formation. Ryan has finalled and placed in competitions in both the US and Europe, and has taught at international festivals such as the Spoonful and European Blues Invasion, as well as as the weekly Urban Blues night in London. Academically trained, with over 15 years of teaching and mentoring experience, he loves to encourage people to find the tools they need to express themselves dancing blues and to geek out over the history, context and music of the dance he loves

Anna Price

Coming from a background in music and other partner dances, Anna found blues dancing in 2013, and quickly fell in love with the music, the dance, and the community of dancers. Anna travels extensively within Europe and in the US to learn, perform, compete, DJ, teach, research, and of course to dance. Anna is a self-confessed geek, and loves to delve into all aspects of the history and culture of blues music and dance. She is particularly interested in Blues Idiom Dances at the moment. She enjoys performing, and has won and placed in a number of solo and partnered competitions and has qualified as a BlueSHOUT All Star, and loves to perform with her blues dance troupe, the Down and Outs. She loves to teach, both within her day job at a University, and in dance, teaching regularly at Urban Blues and at Blues at the Ritzy in London as well as at weekend workshops across the UK and Europe. When not travelling or working, Anna can generally be found on a dancefloor at home in London, be sure to ask her for a dance!


Entire workshop (4 classes)

35 eur

One part only (2 classes)

25 eur

You will be able to register for the workshop during the registration to the exchange.