The organizers aim to create a safe and friendly environment. We thus reserve the right to deny admission to any person who would display verbal, physical or threatening behavior. All dancers at the exchange have the right to enjoy the event in a pleasant environment where appropriate etiquette and behavior are expected. We reserve the right to ask any person with an inappropriate behavior to leave the event, without having to refund the person.

Code of Conduct

Good etiquette is paramount to making the event safe and enjoyable for everyone. By participating in Ljubljana Blues Exchange 2020, you agree to:

  • treating your fellow dancers with respect at all times;
  • understanding that getting consent is important before taking any action, on and off the dancefloor;
  • understanding that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated;
  • being respectful of every participant, regardless of their cultural or religious background, gender and sexual orientation;
  • bringing inappropriate actions that you personally experience or observe to the attention of the organizers;
  • understanding that the organizers reserve the right to take action against anyone who violates these rules; this may include notifying the appropriate authorities;
  • basically being a lovely and nice person as we know you are.

Thank you for helping us in creating a safe and happy dance community!


The Ljubljana Blues Exchange team reserves the right to change the program, locations and schedule. We suggest to regularly check our website and Facebook event page in order to be aware of potential updates.

Photos and videos

All participants at the Ljubljana Blues Exchange agree that they can be photographed and filmed, and that these photographs and videos can be used to promote the Ljubljana Blues Exchange. All recordings can be used by the association at any time and on any media. Personal films of the event are authorized. In case you don’t want to appear in any of the materials, you are obliged to get in touch with the organizers before the beginning of the event.


We assume no obligation to find free housing for the participants.

Timely payment

If your payment is not received within two weeks after the notification of acceptance has been sent to you, your registration will be canceled and your spot will be offered to another dancer. If your registration is cancelled for non-payment, you need to register again in order to be able to take part in the event.


Please remember that dancing is a physical activity. Injuries could happen and your participation in Ljubljana Blues Exchange is at your own risk. The organizers take no responsibility for injuries due to dancing or for any losses or damages which could occur during your participation at the 5th Ljubljana Blues Exchange.